Refund and Cancellation Policy

We have 100% Money Back Guarantee Policy if our product or services not provided as committed to you. You can easily write us your grievance on [email protected] Immediately our refund department will get into the matter and if it finds non-catering of services on the part of Instabill we'll gladly initiate the refund your payment within 72 hours of your refund request.


1. No refund shall be issued if user have used paid version for more than 1 month since user has been subscribed.

2. No refund shall be issued if Instabill processed your request to the government authority through any mode including GSP APIs and result is pending on part of a government department or officials.

3. If any government fee, duty, challan or any other sum paid in the course of processing your application. We will refund the full payment less government fee paid.

4. No refund shall be issued if you have already availed any complimentary service or discount offer which was attached to the paid service for which you are seeking a refund.